History of Amager beach

The shallow water of Amager Strand has always been an issue. The old beach, created in the 1930´s required almost annual additions of sand as it was disappearing. The waves continually reclaimed the sand into Øresund. The new island resolves this issue, as it lies further into Øresund. This means the waves are large enough to pull the sand both onto and away from the beach. The new beach is therefore self preserving. This also allows bathers to reach deeper water sooner and the bathing water takes on a better quality.

Amager Strand is the beach of the users. Grass roots at Amager Strand have campaigned for a better beach for years. Local clubs and associations joined together at the end of the 1980´s, forming a working committee that put together a proposal for the new beach park. From here came the idea of an island and a lagoon full of activities.

The proposal was such that it succeeded in convincing the politicians that a new beach park must be created. End users, a focus group as well as local clubs and associations have provided ideas, criticism and new suggestions whilst the project was completed.

Amager Strandpark I/S

Amager Strandpark  I/S, the partnership consisting of Københavns Kommune (Copenhagen Municipality), and Frederiksberg Kommune (Freder.dkiksberg Municipality), is the entrepreneur of the new Amager Strand.

The project was publicised for competitive quotes in December 2003, initial works commenced on 27. May 2004, and the beach was opened in august 2005. 1.5 millions cubic metres of raw material was used for the construction of the beach.

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