Welcome to Amager Beach

5 km from the city center of Copenhagen and just as close to Copenhagen Airport, you find 4,6 kilometers of beach along the Oresund coast, as well as green areas, a beach island and a lagoon.

Amager Beach offers many outdoor activities. Rent a kayjak, try blocarting, take a dip in the ocean, a game of minigolf, get a massage, or have yourself a nice meal. Discover all the possibilities here.

Mainly during the summer months there are a large number of events happening on Amager Beach. These are sports events, cultural and musical events. See the calendar here.

How to get there:

The Airport Metro line has three stops along the Beach: Øresund Station, Amager Strand Station and Femøren Station.


There are toilets, showers (in the summer), and facilities for the disabled. There are also a number of kiosks, cafés, food vendors and activities businesses. See the maplink in the picture at the top.

At the northern most point of the island, there is an oceanbath (Helgoland), opened to the public during the summer months.


The beach was made for recreational purposes in the 1930ies. The beach island was made in 2004.

Enjoy your stay at Amager Beach!

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