Amager Strand

Welcome to Amager Strand

About the beach and the surroundings

Amager Beach consists of an island with wide sandy beaches, a lagune and the beach along Amager Strandvej. The island is manmade and was built in 2004-2005. There has been a beach (along Amager Strandvej) since the 1930s. The island is 2 km. long and the lagune is 400 meters at the widest point. The island is divided into two parts, each with it’s own distinctive character. The northern part of the island has a more natural, ’wild’ beach look, with low sand dunes, while the southern part is a city beach and park. Amager Beach is protected by law for recreational purposes.

Shops, activities – and join the events on the beach!

On the beach there are 3 cafées, 6 iceshops and 9 shops with beachsports and other activities. Find more information about the shops and activities on our website Please notice that not all shops are open every day, and that some of them only accept cash. Each year Amager Strand hosts more than 70 events: Concerts, sports, theater, culture and much more. For more information, visit www.amagerstrand.d

Lifeguards and safety on the beach

You will find lifeguards during the summer season on the spots marked on the small insert map in the lower left side. The lifeguards will be placed in the orange/white ’towers’ or in mobile units marked with flags. When the lifeguards are not on duty, please dial 112 in case of emergency.

Some safety advices about Amager Strand: –

  • Do never bathe alone
  • Kids must be supervised by adults while bathing
  • If you can’t swim: Do only go out to the dept of your hips
  • Swim along the coast
  • Do never bathe with alcohol or drugs in your blood
  • Do not jump into the water where it’s forbidden
  • Stop bathing when you are getting cold

Feel free to contact the lifeguards. They are allways ready to help you and to give good advice.

Have a nice day on the beach

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